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Bug #235

Invalid client list after fullscreen

Added by David Herrmann almost 13 years ago. Updated almost 13 years ago.

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After switching a window into fullscreen mode the client list of the current view is corrupted.

Steps to reproduce:
Open 3 windows in a current view and use the 'alt+tab' client switching snippet from the 'hacking subtle' page.
When changing one window into fullscreen mode and back into normal, you will no longer be able to switch to all windows in that view via alt+tab. One window will be omitted.

Restarting subtle will bring back normal behaviour.



#1 Updated by Christoph Kappel almost 13 years ago

Hum, I cannot reproduce that in current devel. What version are you using?

#2 Updated by David Herrmann almost 13 years ago

Sorry, I forgot to write that. I use the archlinux package which is version 0.9.2773-2. Related upstream sources are 0.9.2773.

I notice this bug also sporadically. I guess it does not happen if I fullscreen the windows at id 0, that is, the first one opened at the view. However, if I open three xterms on my default term-view and then alt+tab to the third window and then fullscreen it, the bug occurs.

I also noticed some other weird behaviour sporadically and don't know whether it is related to this one:
If I switch views it does not always return to the same window as when I left the view. That is, it sometimes always pushes the window with id 0 (the first one opened on that view) at top even though it wasn't on top when I left the view.

I use all windows maximized with center gravity so alt+tab is quite important to not loose some windows ;)
I discovered that bug with earlier versions too, however, I was too lazy to report it so this might not be something that was introduced in recent version.

If there is additional information you need, just tell me, I can try to get it. I can also run some ruby script to print Subtlext::Clients.view or something like this if you tell me how ;)


#3 Updated by Christoph Kappel almost 13 years ago

Ok, that version is a bit outdated and I will release a new stable when the current issues of the Nu release are finally done. I am a bit behind my non-existing schedule, so please bare with me. ;)

Can you give subtle-hg a try? (It is available in AUR)

#4 Updated by Christoph Kappel almost 13 years ago

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#5 Updated by David Herrmann almost 13 years ago

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Sorry for the delay. I tested with subtle-hg and everything works fine now. It seems fixed in newest release, too.
However, I have an addition for the "Snippets" page. Maybe people are interested in getting "alt+shift+tab" working as reverse cycling through the windows:

grab "A-S-Tab" do
clients = Subtlext::Client.visible

clients.first.instance_eval do                                                 
clients.first.instance_eval do


#6 Updated by Christoph Kappel almost 13 years ago

Feel free to add it to the snippets wiki page.

Glad that this issue is solved, probable due to the changes in the stacking code.

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