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Escape key

Updated grab modifier handling
Added by Christoph Kappel over 13 years ago

With r2166 there comes another way of defining grabs: The escape key.

Normally we would just add grabs with chains like grab "A-b", "urxvt" to get something that responds to a press of Alt-b. The drawback of this is that we need many different modifiers like using control, super etc. and we are probably limiting or even disturbing other programs and allows the usage of easier binds.

Now with the escape key we have a way to set a grab that needs to be pressed before any other grab can be used.

grab "C-y", :SubtleEscape
grab "Return", "urxvt" 
grab "n", :ViewNext
grab "b", :ViewPrev

This is optional and per default commented out, the docs of the wiki and the default config have been updated accordingly.