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New multihead handling

Multihead and other things
Added by Christoph Kappel over 13 years ago


subtle finally has a proper screen handling, instead of using a hacky screen placement via tag properties, subtle displays a view per screen now. This also requires a more decent way to configure panel, because there are two panel per screen. The new config option comes in the usual DSL style:

{{hide}}screen 1 do
  stipple false
  top     [ :views, :title, :spacer, :tray, :sublets ]
  bottom  [ ]

Due the changes in the handling of screens, the :WindowScreen grab and the screen property of tags are now obsolete.

The panel wiki page has been updated accordingly.

Dynamic views

Dynamic views have been removed from subtle, because the use of them is questionable and the overhead in the code just not acceptable.

Exclude match

Tags support exclude matching now, that means it's possible to exclude a certain window from getting this tag.

{{hide}}tag "exclude" do
  match   "urxvt" 
  exclude :instance => "irssi" 

The tagging wiki page has been updated accordingly.

SubtletsReload and SubtleReload

The complex panel layout makes it impossible to reload just the sublets, reload the config reloads the sublets anyway and therefore SubletsReload is obsolete.