Urgent and icons revisited

Updated urgent colors and more icons
Added by Christoph Kappel over 9 years ago


Currently, the urgent color triplet just overwrites the colors for e.g. the current highlighted view, when a window becomes urgent which is fine. Now (>r2450) we have the title triplet, which allows to use another border style or another background.

This would require two different triplets of colors:
  1. for views
  2. for title

To avoid that, the urgent colors are now optional and can be applied partially. So e.g. if we set only the urgent_fg color, only this will be used to show that something is urgent.


There are two new things regarding icons:

  1. Icons can be used standalone in the panel now (r2264):
    {{hide}}icon ="arch.xbm")
    screen 1 do
      top    [ icon, :title, :spacer, :views ]
      botton [ icon, :spacer, icon ]
  2. View buttons can contain an icon (r2400), nothing new so far. Since r2464 they can contain just the icon without the text, which is nice for smaller displays:
    {{hide}}view "terms" do
      match     "urxvt" 
      icon      "terms.png" 
      icon_only true