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Adding complexity to grabs

Emacs like key chains
Added by Christoph Kappel about 13 years ago

Speaking about grabs, we have the easy ones and the hacky ones with with the escape grab. When we use the escape grab, we use it for all grabs, which might be odd.

r2091 for the rescue: Now, the extended grab system allows emacs like key chains like this:

grab "C-a c", "urxvt" 
grab "S-a A-b C-c", "xmessage 'Broken fingers'"

Since chains can be pretty complicated, there is the :keychain panel item. It displays the current chained grabs like S-a A-b if any and is otherwise just blank. Chains can be aborted by pressing any non-modifier key, basically by any key that doesn't belong to the current chain.

There is no drawback or additional overhead for users that don't use chains.