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Custom stipple now
Added by Christoph Kappel almost 12 years ago

Since the early days of subtle it is possible to enable stipple on the panels. If you haven't even used it and always wondered about the odd stipple color and the screen option: This draws a hardcoded pattern on the panels and obviously the stipple color is used for that.

Based on a question in the IRC channel I removed this hardcoded pattern and added an option to provide a custom X BitMap. (r2650) I know the limits of this and it might be completely useless for most of you, but it's always good to make this a bit more customizable.

I won't add any graphic lib to make a decent background mapping possible.

screen 1 do
  stipple "~/stipple.xbm" 
  top     [ :views, :title, :spacer, :keychain, :spacer, :tray, :sublets ]
  bottom  []