Assorted tidbits and projects


On multihead displays, subtle fetches information about screens preferrable via XRandR or via Xinerama and shows exactly one view per screen.


Nvidia closed-source driver

If you use Nvidia proprietary driver, you'll notice that subtle will simply not work if you try to use TwinView, in fact if you run xrandr, you'll see that the RandR extension detects one big screen instead of two screens

The solution is to run subtle with the -n option (or --no-randr)

subtle -n

See #178 for more information

Nvidia dynamic dual-/singlehead

Subtle will run fine, as long as your setup is statically and included in the xorg.conf. If you use a laptop you might be switching setups and need a more dynamical solution, especially as subtle and nvidia-settings dont work together nicely and changed made with the gtk-gui are not taking up by subtle. To avoid that you just need disper and some changes in the .xinitrc. I wrote a script that checks available displays with disper -l and then lets disper set it up correctly. The most important thing is running disper before subtle, so it takes up the changes.

if [ $(disper -l | grep -c "Philips") == 1 ]
        then disper -S && disper -e -d CRT-0,DFP-0

exec subtle --no-randr --replace &>/home/alexander/subtle.log

What you see here is my .xinitrc. You probably will have to edit it to fit the name of your external monitor.