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Anonymous, 11/12/2010 12:11 AM

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h1. Quotes\015\012\015\012<jarda-wien> unexist, this is insane... I have not been using subtle for very long, but when there is something I find annoying, even before I post it, it is already fixed\015\012\015\012<hiato> (Now that I see some activity, I dont feel bad about posting the following gratuitous thanks) To whomsoever it may concern, I would just like to thank you for making the single most awesome wm*, even surpassing ratpoison and sparking my interest in ruby anew.                                    *A matter of opinion. Fact is a matter of opinion; ergo a matter of fact\015\012\015\012<zmbmartin> unexist: That is fine. I am just trying to understand how some things work. I am loving subtle. The gravities are an awesome idea. I like that way more all the other tiling wm I have used.\015\012\015\012<zeltak> holy crap sublte is\015\012<zeltak> i feel like i wasted time in the dessert trying the other 10,00 tiling mangers out there :)\015\012\015\012<Mykl> I am an old programmer and know little about Ruby but I find your Subtle project very interesting. Running on a 64 bit ArchLinux. Thank you for your work my favorite WM over night. Literally.