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Anonymous, 08/09/2011 10:09 PM

Snippets\015\012\015\012This page shows small snippets that might be useful. Without further instructions they just need to be copied into the config of subtle.\015\012\015\012{{>toc}}\015\012\015\012h2. Alt-Tab\015\012\015\012This cycles through windows of view\015\012\015\012
{{hide}}\015\012grab "A-Tab" do |c|\015\012   sel     = 0\015\012   clients = Subtlext::Client.visible\015\012\015\012   clients.each_index do |idx|\015\012     if(clients[idx].win ==\015\012       sel = idx + 1 if(idx < clients.size - 1)\015\012     end\015\012   end\015\012\015\012  clients[sel].focus\015\012  clients[sel].raise\015\012end\015\012
\015\012\015\012h2. Extend view\015\012\015\012
{{hide}}\015\012require "subtle/subtlext"\015\012\015\012STORE ||= {}\015\012\015\012module Subtlext\015\012  class View\015\012    def method_missing(meth, *args)\015\012      STORE[] = { } unless(STORE.has_key?(\015\012\015\012      if(meth.to_s.end_with?("="))\015\012        meth = meth.to_s.chop.to_sym\015\012\015\012        STORE[][meth] = args[0]\015\012      else\015\012        STORE[][meth]\015\012      end\015\012    end\015\012  end\015\012end\015\012
\015\012\015\012Finally make some use of this like following hook:\015\012\015\012
{{hide}}\015\012on :view_jump do |v|\015\012  v.visits += 1 rescue v.visits = 1\015\012  puts "View %s, %d visits" % [, v.visits ]\015\012end\015\012
\015\012\015\012h2. Focus gravities\015\012\015\012Focus window a specific gravities on view.\015\012\015\012
{{hide}}\015\012{\015\012  "KP_7" => :top_left,    "KP_8" => :top,    "KP_9" => :top_right,\015\012  "KP_4" => :left,        "KP_5" => :center, "KP_6" => :right,\015\012  "KP_1" => :bottom_left, "KP_2" => :bottom, "KP_3" => :bottom_right\015\012}.each do |k, v|\015\012  grab "A-C-" + k, lambda {\015\012    c = { |c|\015\012 == v\015\012    }\015\012  \015\012    c.first.focus unless(c.empty?)\015\012  }\015\012end\015\012
\015\012\015\012h2. Move windows\015\012\015\012This snippet adds nine grabs to move windows on the fly to nine defined views. It uses tagging for this, creates tags based on the view names and applies them when needed.\015\012\015\012
{{hide}}\015\012on :start do\015\012  # Create missing tags\015\012  views = { |v| }\015\012  tags  = { |t| }\015\012\015\012  views.each do |v|\015\012    unless(tags.include?(v))\015\012      t =\015\012\015\012    end\015\012  end\015\012end\015\012\015\012# Add nine C-< number> grabs\015\012(1..9).each do |i|\015\012 grab "C-%d" % [ i ] do |c|\015\012   views = Subtlext::View.all\015\012   names = { |v| }\015\012\015\012   # Sanity check\015\012   if(i <= views.size)\015\012     # Tag client\015\012     tags = c.tags.reject { |t| names.include?( or "default" == }\015\012     tags << names[i - 1]\015\012\015\012     c.tags = tags\015\012\015\012     # Tag view\015\012     views[i - 1].tag(names[i - 1])\015\012   end\015\012 end\015\012end\015\012
\015\012\015\012h2. Current view\015\012\015\012This snippet works similar to the previous, it adds tags based on the view names. When there is an untagged window (a window with the default tag only) it adds the name of the current view as tag, which effectively moves the window to the current view.\015\012\015\012
{{hide}}\015\012on :start do\015\012  # Create missing tags\015\012  views = { |v| }\015\012  tags  = { |t| }\015\012\015\012  views.each do |v|\015\012    unless(tags.include?(v))\015\012      t =\015\012\015\012    end\015\012  end\015\012end\015\012\015\012# Assign tags to clients\015\012on :client_create do |c|\015\012  view = Subtlext::View.current\015\012  tags = { |t| }\015\012\015\012  # Add tag to view\015\012  view.tag( unless(view.tags.include?(\015\012\015\012  # Exclusive for clients with default tag only\015\012  if(tags.include?("default") and 1 == tags.size)\015\012    c.tags = [ ]\015\012  end\015\012end\015\012
\015\012\015\012h2. Scratchpad\015\012\015\012The scratchpad snippet is just a small hack of the tagging. Normally subtle doesn't allow to create a window without tags, so that it's never visible. This grab just creates a urxvt, strips all tags and sets sticky. On the next press it just toggles sticky and blends the window in and out, like a scratchpad.\015\012\015\012
{{hide}}grab "A-b" do\015\012  if((c = Subtlext::Client["scratch"]))\015\012    c.toggle_stick\015\012    c.focus\015\012  elsif((c = Subtlext::Subtle.spawn("urxvt -name scratch")))\015\012    c.tags  = [] \015\012    c.flags = [ :stick ]\015\012  end\015\012end\015\012
\015\012\015\012h2. Check config\015\012\015\012In case you keep forgetting to run subtle -k after changing the config this might be handy for you. It checks the config, displays a message via xmessage or just reloads the config.\015\012\015\012
{{hide}}# Make xmessage stick and urgent\015\012tag "xmessage" do\015\012  match  "xmessage"\015\012  float  true\015\012  stick  true\015\012  urgent true\015\012end\015\012\015\012# The actual grab\015\012grab "A-C-r", <<SCRIPT\015\012subtle -k &>/dev/null\015\012reload=$?\015\012\015\012if [ $reload -eq 1 ] ; then\015\012  xmessage 'Syntax error, reload anyway?' -center -buttons NO:1,YES:0\015\012  reload=$?\015\012fi\015\012\015\012[ $reload -eq 0 ] && subtler -r\015\012SCRIPT\015\012