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h1. Usage\015\012\015\012{{>toc}}\015\012\015\012h2. General\015\012\015\012There is more than one way to start [[subtle]], the probably easiest way is to add @exec subtle@ to your _~/.xinitrc_ and simply start your X session. If you are using some kind of session or display management it's also possible to let [[subtle]] replace your current window manager if capable. In this case start [[subtle]] like this in your X session:\015\012\015\012bq. subtle --replace\015\012\015\012If you just want to check out subtle without changing your actual window manager just use "Xephyr": a nested X server on top of your real server and comes along with the real xorg-server.\015\012\015\012bq. Xephyr -ac -screen 800x800 :2\015\012subtle -d :2\015\012\015\012Too be continued..\015\012\015\012