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Anonymous, 09/03/2009 11:52 PM

Subtlext\015\012\015\012Subtlext is an extension that brings the power of subtler to Ruby. A complete list of the stuff that is possible with subtlext can be found here or generated with rake rdoc. Unit tests for sublext are also included. Read more about unit tests\015\012\015\012h2. Examples\015\012\015\012This time a more complex example to show what you can do with this extension:\015\012\015\012
\015\012require("subtle/subtlext")\015\012\015\012subtle =":2")\015\012\015\012puts "subtle %s on %s" % \015\012  [subtle.version, subtle.running? ? subtle.display : "none"]\015\012\015\012puts "Tags: %s" % [subtle.tags.join(", ")]\015\012\015\012# Views\015\012views = []\015\012subtle.views.each do |v|\015\012  views.push("%s (%s)" % [v.current? ? "[#{v}]" : v, v.tags.join(", ")])\015\012end\015\012puts "Views: %s" % [views.join(", ")]\015\012\015\012# Clients\015\012clients = []\015\012subtle.clients.each do |c|\015\012  clients.push("%s (%s)" % [c, c.tags.join(", ")])\015\012end\015\012puts "Clients: %s" % [clients.join(", ")]\015\012
subtle 0.8.1017 on :2.0\015\012Tags: default, float, full, editor, video, browser, terms\015\012Views: web (default, browser), [dev] (editor, terms), work (video, browser, terms)\015\012Clients: xterm (terms), xterm (terms)\015\012
\015\012\015\012More examples are in the tarball in dist/scripts. Currently there is the example from above (example.rb), an example for a web interface with Sinatra (web.rb) and an interface with Ruby-Gtk (gtk.rb).\015\012\015\012top