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Assorted tidbits and projects


Contrib is just a collection of scripts for subtle, currently there is no package available and you need either to clone the repository:

hg clone

Or download the latest archive:

These scripts may work, if you encounter any problems please ask in the usual places.

Following scripts are currently inside of contrib:

Name Description
Graviton Graviton is a helper to create custom gravities visually
Launcher Launcher that combines modes/tagging of subtle with a browser search bar.
Merger Merge tags of current and selected views temporarily.
Positioner Select and tag/untag visible of current client window.
Selector Client selector that works like the subscription selector in Google Reader
Styler Helper to create or change subtle color themes.
TermStyler TermStyler is a helper to create or change terminal color themes.
Vitag Vitag is a helper to edit window/view tagging with any editor. ($EDITOR)


This code can be distributed under the terms of the GNU GPLv2. See the file COPYING for details.